What You Won't Hear About the Admissions Scandal

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What you won't hear about the college admissions scandal:

  • students whose parents cheated have done well
  • SAT has little to do with college performance
  • legacy admissions
  • geographic diversity admissions
  • foreign admissions
  • -ots of students take up exotic sports in college without having previously trained
  • corporate donations still OK

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El Chapo Conviction


History teaches that the conviction of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is meaningless theater that will have no effect on the social experiment known as the War on Drugs.

Popularity of Litigation

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A concept lawyers have great difficulty understanding.

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The American South, 1850.

Saudi Arabia, today.

Employment law reform is required to stamp out practices such as these.

Saudi Aramco Employment

When Saudi Aramco becomes a public company, racist and discriminatory practices will have to go. Time to get ready--look what happened to IBM.

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